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10-30-2011, 03:35 AM
Sorry guys,

I am new in programming with PV-WAVE; I have already taken a look to some tutorials/manuals, but I still have great problems in doing the simplest things, which I used to do with C-language...Could someone show me a web-site (for example), where it's possible to find some easy program examples?
Thank you very much for the attention!!

11-21-2011, 03:58 PM
Have a look through the online documentation available here (http://www.roguewave.com/Portals/0/products/pv-wave-family/pv-wave/docs/9.5/wwhelp/wwhimpl/js/html/wwhelp.htm#href=Quick%20Links/PV-WAVE%20Online%20Help.html). It has many examples.