View Full Version : Announcing the availability of the TotalView 8.9.2-1 service release

11-07-2011, 10:16 AM
Greetings Everyone,

It is my pleasure to announce the release of TotalView 8.9.2-1. This is a service release which makes available a series of bug fixes. There are approximately 10 user reported bugs fixed in this release. See the release notes at


for details.

A few highlights:

* We improved the way that TotalView's integrated web help works with remote systems. Thanks to Matt Wolfe for his help on resolving this. (TVT-9800)

* We resolved an issue where TotalView was interacting poorly with an unusual window system feature ("Smart Common Input Method") and we were getting crashes in XtLib when you closed a TotalView window. (TVT-12101)

* We corrected some wrong information previously displayed in the TotalView CUDA Device Status display. We'd previously only listed the active SMs rather than the SMs available on the system. (TVT-14012)

The new release will be available for 30 days from today at:


Please contact us at sales@roguewave.com or tvsupport@roguewave.com if you have any question about this release.

Chris Gottbrath