View Full Version : Announcing the release of ThreadSpotter 2011.2

12-19-2011, 12:38 PM
Happy Holidays!

It is my pleasure to announce the release of ThreadSpotter 2011.2. This version of our cache memory optimization tool features the industry-standard FlexNet license manager and enhancements to sampler capabilities and auto-detection of processor information. Linux users who want to evaluate ThreadSpotter can take advantage of a Guided Evaluation Kit now available.

Additional new features include

* New installation procedure including a click-to-accept license
* Improvements in detecting the number of CPUs on Intel Processors using the x2APIC feature
* Improved handling of sampling on virtualized hardware
* Updated CPU database (all Intel and AMD processors to Sept 2011)
* Improved detaching from processes on Windows
* Future x86-based CPU instruction set support
* Support for sampling thread IDs in excess of 32767
* Support for the Linux 3X kernel vsyscall interface
* Improved Windows command line report generation
* Initial support for DWARF 3 and DWARF 4 debug format
* Lower memory overhead in post processing

You can find more information at:
http://www.roguewave.com/products/threadspotter.aspx and

Chris Gottbrath
Product Manager