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10-17-2012, 06:18 AM
We are pleased to announce the release of PV-WAVE 10.0a!

The primary focus of this release is an update of our HDF 5 functionality, as well as performance improvements. We continue helping developers overcome the common challenges they face when working to analyze complex and/or extremely large datasets.

New Functionality

* Updated the HDF5 libraries to use HDF5 v1.8.8
* Added HDF5 support for Linux 64, Solaris 64, and Windows 64 platforms
* New cumulative sum routine, CUMSUM
* New set of functions, vecOverArr_*, that apply a binary operator to a vector and each vector along a particular dimension of an array
* Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Expanded OpenMP Support

* The Dimension keyword for MIN, MAX and TOTAL
* The entire set of vecOverArr_* functions
* All of the above subjected to Automatic Thread Control via OMPTUNE

If you are interested in updating your version of PV-WAVE based on this latest release information, you can request an update here (http://http://www.roguewave.com/support/contact-support/request-an-update.aspx).

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