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06-05-2013, 09:41 AM
I have inherited code that I am porting from a HPUX sytem to a Linux system.
I am new to wave.
There are multiple pv-wave codes that are run as cron jobs to process meteorological data.
Several codes are producing kernel messages when run as cron jobs, but if I run them by hand
they run successfully. Any thoughts on what could be going on?

Examples of kernel messages:
check_currency.log:% kernel_msg.M_UPRO_UNDEF
check_currency.log:% kernel_msg.M_PORF_NODEL2
check_currency.log:% kernel_msg.M_OPEN_IN_ERR
check_currency.log:% kernel_msg.M_OPEN_IN_ERR
check_currency.log:% kernel_msg.M_UPRO_UNDEF
check_currency.log:% kernel_msg.M_TRCBCK

06-10-2013, 03:04 PM
Hello marshaboggs,

These messages usually indicate that a message file was not read.
In this case the message file is called kernel_msg.ads and it is located in:

Where <install_dir> is the PV-WAVE installation directory.

You mentioned that you are only seeing these messages when starting PV-WAVE
through a cron job. Make sure that:

the PV-WAVE environment was set up, i.e. the wvsetup or wvsetup.sh was read.
the permissions for all files in the PV-WAVE installation directory are set such
that user, group, and others all have read permission.

If your license is on maintenance feel free to contact technical support directly:

Phone: +1 303-545-3221

Email: pvwavesupport@roguewave.com