View Full Version : Improper data received for Custom Formulae

Santosh Gayale
09-02-2013, 05:25 AM
We have a custom formulae for our own application. It is working fine in Stingray i.e., Stingray Studio Version 2002. We have migrated our code to Stingray 10.4 version, we are not receiving valid parameter values and/or parameter types on executing that formula. We have used CGXGridView class, stored the data using StoreStyleRowCol() method

Consider the following statement:
gxOperand argv[];
int i = (ROWCOL)argv[1].val.range.r0 always returning a value of ZERO instead of ROWCOL number. Also note that in the previous version of Stingray gives some number other than ZERO hence it is working fine.
If we hardcode the above expression value to some row number, so we could successfully execute that formulae.

We are receiving GX_NUMBER datatype instead of GX_RANGE where type is a parameter defined in gxOperand.

Please resolve this.