View Full Version : TreeView Ctrl: New item gets added non alphabetically

04-21-2014, 07:15 AM

When I add a subitem to an item in the tree view control it alters the position of the item itself in the tree. The order is restored when I redraw/populate the tree again. The addition of a parent node works as expected and is added with the correct sort order and its only when I add a child that it moves the node non alphabetically. I recently upgraded from Stingray Toolkit 6.03 to Stingray Toolkit 11.1 and the old code works just fine without having to re-populate the tree. Here is an illustration of the issue:
In a tree view like:
+ Apple
+ Banana
+ Carrots
+ Dates

If I attempt to add a sub item Fuji to Apple it changes the position of Apple in the tree as in:

+ Banana
+ Carrots
- Apple
+ Dates

Is this a known issue and is there a quick fix?

Additional info: Building for Win32 target using VisualStudio 2010, in a WIndows7(64-bit) machine.