View Full Version : coredump while accessing variable of type RWCString in UNIX.

05-09-2014, 01:10 AM
I have a class contains variables of type RWCstring.
class A
RWCString a1;
RWCString a2;
A(RWCString value)
a1 = value;
const RWCString &geta1()
return a1;

I am maintaining a Dictionary to manipulate these objects of the class.
But during execution, sometimes i am getting core dumps when I call geta1() function. I am checking the objects for NULL before calling the function, and there are no other operations on the dictionary to cause any change in the objects. I am not arguing this is because of RWCString, but whenever i get a core dump, logs indicate that its inside geta1() function or any other statement accessing variable of type RWCString.
Kindly help me if you have any idea of the above problem.

My rogua wave version details are;
ID: TOOLS707_UNIX_971021
Version: 0x0707

coredump have no much information.

Thanks & Regards,