View Full Version : Unmangled symbols and no source code shown for a shared library

05-15-2014, 06:44 PM

I am debugging a program that dynamically loads some libraries on interest to me.
The one I am targeting is not demangled, and its source code does not appear in the source view.
Other libraries (possibly compiled with different options) show as expected.
That library shows a well tagged, demangled source code when run through objdump -S, so I am sure that library has all the information in some format.
Totalview seems not to understand it enough, but no special message is given when loading it:

Library <FullLibraryPath.so>, with 2 asects, was linked at 0x00000000, and initially loaded at 0xff0000009bbc3700
Mapping 723128 bytes of ELF string data from '<FullLibraryPath.so>'...done
Indexing 316148 bytes of DWARF '.eh_frame' symbols from '<FullLibraryPath.so>'...done
Skimming 15824509 bytes of DWARF '.debug_info' symbols from '<FullLibraryPath.so>'...done

I can set breakpoints using mangled symbols, but I still get a rich assembly code view.

So, in summary:

it loads the library
it loads the symbols
it does not demangle symbols
it does not show source code

Could you (or I) guess what type of problem TotalView has with the library?
I can't even guess what's wrong. Is there a symbol format TotalView is particularly happy with? maybe I can provide it.

Thank you for your attention.

Additional information:
Gentoo Linux 3.14
GNU compiler 4.8.2
TotalView 8.11
Compilation options: "-g" (no -O option!)