View Full Version : After a change of the "VS2010" from "VS2005", error occurs. CSplitterWnd::CreateView

01-28-2015, 07:02 PM
I need your help.

Currently my development environment is Win7, VS2010 VC++, Stingray Studio 10.4 .
And previous development environment was Win7, VS2005 VC++, Stingray Studio 10.4.

I have attached one file.
This project consisted of the SDI and the split window.

This project has had no problem in VS2005 development environment .
However, After a change of the "VS2010" from "VS2005", an error occurs in the "CMainFrame::OnCreateClient --> CreateView ".

Can you ever have a related this problem advice?

[ Split pane is configured as follows. ]

[ Key code associated with the split window are as shown follows. MainFrame::OnCreate , OnCreateClient ]

[ Error occurs in the "CSplitterWnd::CreateView" ]

pWnd->m_hWnd is NULL !!

the order of view creation seems to be the cause.

What should I do ...

Attach the project file in question.
Download Link : http://acntlab.synology.me:5000/fbsharing/8m1vW9AN
ID / PW : guest1 / guest

please teach me, how to solve this problem.

Thank you.