View Full Version : Get Font Size On Screen (Objective Views)

08-07-2016, 08:59 PM
I am trying to get the 'height' of some text to determine when it is too small (on the screen) to see. How can you get the height of a CODLabelComponent object?

CODSymbolComponent* symbol // (already initialized);

CODLabelComponent* label = symbol->GetLabel(0);

I don't know if i want the logical height, the height in pixels, the height in inches. I've been reading about graphic text for the past two days and cannot figure what i ned in order to get a 'value' (some int value) which will help me determine when the text gets too small on the screen to view. I also have to take into account (not only the font size), and the screen resolution (pixels per inch I guess), but the magnification (MvcLogicalPart::GetMagnification() ) also. Any help would be greatly appreciated.