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01-03-2007, 10:21 AM
By request, we have enabled the RSS feature of the Visual Numerics Forums. You may access the feed with the URL http://forums.vni.com/external.php?type=RSS.

01-05-2007, 06:24 AM
As we learn our way around the vBulletin RSS feed options, there are fewadditional points I'd like to point out:

You can use RSS 0.91, 1.0 or 2.0

For 0.91, link to http://forums.vni.com/external.php?type=RSS
For 1.0, link to http://forums.vni.com/external.php?type=RSS1
For 2.0, link to http://forums.vni.com/external.php?type=RSS2

You can select just specific forums to subscribe to
To just watch Announcements and PV-WAVE the link is http://forums.vni.com/external.php?type=rss2&forumids=2,9
You can find the forumids by hovering over a link to a forum and looking at the end of the URL for "f=2", for example.

You can add "lastpost=true" to the feed, which will display just like New Posts do (showing the most recent post instead of the first)

Example link: http://forums.fni.com/external.php?lastpost=true&type=rss2

If you come across anything else interesting or have any questions, please let me know (http://forums.vni.com/private.php?do=newpm&u=2).