View Full Version : Windows Vista and IMSL C#

03-19-2007, 01:42 PM
We have discovered a minor issue with our installer for the IMSL C# Numerical Library version 4.0.2 on Windows Vista. With this point release, we support .NET 1.1 and 2.0 (with 32-bit and 64-bit License Managers) and added an introductory dialog box for you to select the appropriate platform.

Microsoft has changed a naming convention that works on previous versions of Windows (include XP, Server 2003 and 2000) but now fails on Vista with an exception: System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception: The system cannot find the file specified.

Solution 1:
The individual Setup.exe and .msi files in the subdirectories work fine. Instead of running Setup.exe in the root directory of the CD, simply run the one located in the subdirectory of the platform you wish to install.

Solution 2:
Contact IMSL Technical Support (support@vni.com (mailto:support@vni.com)) and an engineer can provide you with an updated primary Setup.exe version or CD image if necessary.