View Full Version : PDE2D 9.0 will have Graphical User Interface

06-11-2007, 12:04 PM
Version 9.0 of PDE2D will have a graphical user interface (GUI). Go to


(note: this address no longer valid, go to


to see a PDF file which contains screen dumps of a sample GUI session. You can also download the current **draft** (Windows) version of the GUI there if you want.

This is still a draft version, I would appreciate feedback and suggestions (here at the forum) on future GUI features. The new GUI will be compatible with the current version (8.6) of PDE2D, so if you already have PDE2D 8.6, you can actually start using the draft version to solve PDEs (though watch for the final 9.0 version).

Although the first release, at least, of the GUI will not provide access to the Galerkin solver which handles completely general 2D regions (this will still be accessed through the usual interactive driver interface), it will provide access to the 0D,1D,2D and 3D collocation solvers, and for 1D problems, and 2D and 3D problems in a wide range of simple regions, the new interface will be essentially impossible to beat in terms of ease of use.