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03-02-2018, 06:44 AM

We have been using Stingray Studio since the early 2000s and there's something I still can't fathom: is there a reason that the Stingray Studio projects are still makefile projects and not Visual Studio projects? RWUxTheme is a proper project, so it's clearly possible to make them that way. We use Foundation, Toolkit, and Edit.

Does it have to do with licensing, or being able to exclude specific functionality?

I include these projects in a large solution (we have extensive customizations in the editor that sometimes need to be debugged), but I'm forced to unload the Stingray projects from our large Visual Studio solution after the initial build because most of them build every time (they don't seem to have proper dependencies). And that's a nuisance.

Is there any chance actual projects will appear at some point in the future?

03-05-2018, 10:08 AM
... being able to exclude specific functionality ...

This is the basic reason. The Stingray Build Wizards work through the makefiles to exclude features which are either not needed (thus reducing the size of the library), or are incompatible for some reason.

There is currently no plan to change this. You should be able to debug into the Stingray libraries without including the Stingray projects in your Solution, just as you can debug into MFC libraries without including the MFC projects in your solution.