View Full Version : Lack of $(HOME)/.totalview dir causes TV 2018.1.12 to crash

07-23-2018, 07:55 AM
We have Totalview 2018.1.12 installed. When launching from an IBM Powre9 node (ppc64le), totalview will abort if a user's ~/.totalview directory does not exist.

As we will have many new users on this platform, this will create a lot of confusion. The problem does not occur if Totalview is launched from an x86-64 node.

bash-4.2$ totalview
ERROR 0x73000041: creating license source from trusted storage: category - unknown, code - 73000041, system - 2, location - 400703f3
Aborted (core dumped)
bash-4.2$ mkdir .totalview
bash-4.2$ totalview
Linux PowerLE TotalView 2018.1.12
Copyright 2010-2018 by Rogue Wave Software Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
Copyright 2007-2010 by TotalView Technologies, LLC.
Copyright 1999-2007 by Etnus, LLC.
Copyright 1999 by Etnus, Inc.
Copyright 1996-1998 by Dolphin Interconnect Solutions, Inc.
Copyright 1989-1996 by BBN Inc.
bash-4.2$ vi /projects/opt/toolworks/totalview.2018.1.12/bin/totalview