View Full Version : TotalView and macOS Catalina

01-10-2020, 11:33 AM
There are a few issues with Catalina.

* The current version (and previous versions) of TotalView do not work on Catalina. Users have reported an error about a mismatch of addresses when trying to load dyld, the dynamic loader, when starting up a program. Since the dynamic loader is needed to load any program, this effectively prevents TotalView from running. This issue is being looked at.
* The TotalView Individual installer (used for student version installs) fails during installation. This is due to a part of the installer being a 32 bit executable, which is no longer permitted on Catalina. One can get around this by downloading the tar file version of TotalView for the Mac, and using that to install. Of course one then runs into a problem with the above issue. Hopefully both issues will be resolved soon.