View Full Version : OS upgrade and softkeys

04-16-2008, 11:51 PM
We have a set of permanent softkeys for PV-WAVE CL versions 6.21 and 7.01, running on Solaris 2.8.
We need to upgrade the operating system of the server to Solaris 2.9. I'm wondering whether this operation could affect in any way the validity of the keys we have.
As far as I understand the keys are linked to the hostname and to the host ID of the server, determined through the get_hostid_info application provided with the software. Is then the get_hostid_info application generating (or retrieving) the host ID exclusively from the hardware or even from any operating system parameter that could be affected by our upgrade?
I'll appreciate all the information and help anyone can give me about this topic.

04-17-2008, 08:11 AM
PV-WAVE 6.21 and 7.01 should work just fine on Solaris 2.9, but with respect to licensing you may run into trouble. If in the process of upgrading the OS level you keep the hostid the same (you can check this with the hostid shell command) and the hostname the same (uname -n) then your current license information will work as before. However, if either of those do change, you'll need updated keys accordingly. If you are on support, just email support@vni.com with your license number and update host information.

Hope that helps