View Full Version : PV-WAVE v9.01f Patch Release Available

04-16-2009, 10:31 AM
Visual Numerics is pleased to announce the availability of version PV-WAVE 9.01f as a patch release. The 9.01f patch, to be installed into an existing PV-WAVE 9.01 installation directory, is available for all supported PV-WAVE platforms. We encourage all existing customers to download here (http://www.vni.com/products/wave/pvwave/patches.php) and install the patch at their earliest convenience.

The following changes and additions are included in the release:

? Added OpenMP support for the COMPLEX and DCOMPLEX data types for Solaris 32-bit, Solaris 64-bit, Windows 32-bit and Windows 64-bit.

? Added the OpenMP Auto setting. This setting allows PV-WAVE to automatically modify the OpenMP runtime settings to optimize performance. See the OpenMP section of the wave/doc_errata.pdf file or the SET_OMP procedure in the doc_errata for more information.

? SORTN ? Addressed a situation that occurred only if a secondary variable had more than 32767 identical values.

? AFFINE - New keyword Blin causes the algorithm to use bilinear (instead of nearest neighbor) interpolation on 2-D input.

? CLUSTBOX - New keyword Kcon controls box-connectivity in the algorithm that accommodates irregular data domains.

? MAP_CONTOUR - Keyword Cartesian now provides a third gridding option.

? RBFINTRP/RBFIMSCL - New keyword Tdim allows specification of the topological dimension of the data domain; this improves efficiency if topological dimension is less than space dimension. New keyword Nonu allows specification that the data distribution is highly nonuniform within its domain; this improves efficiency for such distributions.

? WEDCOEF - New routine computes coefficients of Wendland polynomials. The polynomials can serve as basis functions for RBFIMSCL.

? POLYEVAL - New keyword Form allows the input array to have arbitrary dimensionality if the polynomial is univariate; this also activates a faster algorithm.

Please refer to the file <VNI_DIR>/wave/doc_errata.doc for further details pertaining to this release.

Cheers, Don B.