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04-22-2009, 01:35 PM
Below is an email request from Seth Grimes, a writer for Intelligent Enterprise Magazine and principal at Alta Plana. He's looking for people to respond to a survey about dealing with "unstructured" information and the role text mining/analytics plays or might play (survey link is below). If you're using the na?ve bayes algorithm in the IMSL C Library V7.0 for text mining or using other algorithms for this type of work, please respond to his survey.

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From: Seth Grimes [mailto:grimes@altaplana.com]
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Subject: Text analysis -- survey, summit, interviews


I'm writing first to ask you to please respond to a survey I'm
conducting: http://altaplana.com/TAsurvey . I'd like to know how your
organization is dealing with "unstructured" information and the role text
mining/analytics plays or might play. I'll write up survey findings in a
free report, available in early June. The survey will take you 5-10
minutes. Please help: http://altaplana.com/TAsurvey .

Next, I wanted to make sure you're aware of this year's Text
Analytics Summit, slated for June 1-2 in Boston. Visit
http://www.textanalyticsnews.com/usa/ for information. You can get $100
off your registration at
https://secure.firstconf.com/textminingsummit/usa/register.htm if enter my
name in the promotional offer box. (I do not have a financial interest in
registrations or the summit.) Also, this year I'll again be leading a
workshop, "Text Analytics for Dummies," the afternoon of May 31.

Interest in text analysis is growing! I've been interviewed
recently by several outlets as a leading consultant and analyst:

- By data-mining newsletter KDnuggets:

- In a podcast, part of Jon Udell's Interviews with Innovators series:

- For an article, "Our Sentiments, Exactly," in the Communications of the
ACM, April 2009:

Lastly, I have a white-paper out on a related topic, "Unified
Information Access: Gain Active Intelligence from Content and Data,"
available for download from sponsor Attivio's site,
http://www.attivio.com/poweringbusiness/white-papers.html . The paper's
free but sorry, you do have to register to view it.

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Intelligent Enterprise (TechWeb), Contributing Editor
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