View Full Version : bypassing the DSN requirement for ODBC

04-28-2009, 11:47 AM
I'd like to stoke another fire if I may. For connecting to ODBC databases in Windows, VNI offers a package called "PV-WAVE ODBC Connection". However, my investigation has shown that this requires managing a DSN entry in the ODBC Data Source Administrator. This would need to be done on each PC that runs your PV-WAVE code. Very inconvenient.

Is there a way to use the PV-WAVE ODBC connections and still avoid managing the DSN setup on individual PCs? I have not found a way to do it.

The only work-around I know of is:
1) Create a server script (i.e. Perl) which accepts text queries, connects to the database (without needing a DSN), retrieves the results and displays them in pre-formatted HTML.
2) Place the script on a stand-along server in your network.
3) Write PV-WAVE code to call the server script via SOCKET_CONNECT. It will return the results in pre-formatted HTML which can then be parsed.

Any ideas?