View Full Version : image_read status of -9

05-27-2009, 12:40 PM
Using image_read on vax/vms. Trying to read a gif image written with image_write and image_create. I get a status of -9. The message is "Unable to read file". However the gif file is easily displayed with other image tools over on a PC.

Can anyone direct me to the status code explainations or any documentation of error status? Or any error documentation for anything PV-Wave? Or anyone know what might be going on?

thank you,

05-28-2009, 10:08 AM
One quick thing you should confirm is that there are not any permissions issues with the file with respect to the user who wrote the file out versus the user trying to read it (I am pretty foggy on how the VMS file system works).

If you can post some code snippets showing the IMAGE_CREATE, _WRITE and _READ calls perhaps it will be more clear what the issue is.