View Full Version : BIG TROUBLE!!

06-04-2009, 08:21 AM
sorry about the title but that's what PV-Wave is telling me. Here's the error message:

% LOAD_OPTION: Error loading sharable executable.
Symbol: FILEIO_COLOR_QUANTIZE, File = $1$DGAxxx:[VNI.IMAGE-1_0.bin.bin.axpvms]_ROUTINES
Bad symbol
% Internal errorL Unknown global jump in interpreter()

and then I'm back at the DCL prompt.

!version yields: { axp vms 7.00 vms}

Hope someone can explain what this means, thanks!


06-04-2009, 02:30 PM
It means the sharable executable for the image library is possibly corrupt. PV-WAVE can't find the symbol for the routine you've requested. Sooo, when the interpreter tried to transfer control to a non-existent symbol, it prints that error message. It is exacly what it says: BIG TROUBLE!!; a totally unrecoverable error and PV-WAVE exits.

Is this a new installation? Have you moved file/directory locations lately? Are all the PV-WAVE symbols/logicals defined properly before you run PV-WAVE (i.e., @wvsetup)?

If you want to send us the image file and the code privately, we'll try to run it on our AXP machine.

Don B.