View Full Version : Features With Fine Structure Not Showing in Plots

05-24-2011, 07:41 AM
Background: I'm using PV-Wave 9.01 on a Sun/Solaris 10 system.

I'm working with large pixel arrays, some of which will have an important feature covering only a single pixel. For example, most pixels could be plus or minus 10 with a peak at 800, and again, covering just one pixel.

PV-Wave will show the peak using SURFACE, but identifying the coordinates of that pixel and its surroundings is difficult or impossible to do visually. The SHADE_SURF (much preferred over surface) function won't show the feature at all.

Any ideas on how I could get PV-Wave to show such a peak using SHADE_SURF? Failing that, can the peak and the immediate surroundings be identified and isolated into a smaller plot?