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  1. The performance issue comes from the crossing...

    The performance issue comes from the crossing mode used for the links in our diagrammer, we use the "BRIDGE_CROSSINGS" mode which reduce the performance and makes the diagrammer unusable if it...
  2. Decorations for subgraphs in Diagrammer


    We use decoration defined in the CSS to display an error icon on the top left corner of some node of the Diagrammer. But if the node contains sub-items and is expanded, the icon is not...
  3. Low performance for more than 700 items displayed


    We use Jviews 8.9.0.v20150622.

    We try to display 700 items and tools usinf the diagrammer become very low and unusable.
    File size is 256 ko.
    We profile the CPU. See the attachment.
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