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  1. Compilation error in using RWTPtrHashSet& S

    RWTPtrHashSet<SpecialEvtCheckKey>& spEvtIndex

    The above statement is giving the following error.
    error: wrong number of template arguments (1, should be 4)
    error: provided for ‚template<class T,...
  2. This problem is solved now. accidentally I...

    This problem is solved now.

    accidentally I copied some old version of Roguewave files. After removing them this problem is solved.
  3. Getting error while compiling C++ code with sourcepro (gcc 4.4.6)

    #ifndef UtlPrivateProfile_h
    #define UtlPrivateProfile_h 1

    #include <rw/cstring.h>
    #include <rw/tphdict.h>

    class UtlExport UtlPrivateProfile
    UtlPrivateProfile( const char *...
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