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    Announcing Evergreen Beta 2017T.2.7

    This new beta has several bug fixes and some new features

    The new features include support for Split DWARF on Solaris SPARC. We announce support for Split DWARF on Linux x86-64 in version 2017.1...
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    Announcing Evergreen Beta 2017T.2.4

    We just released a new beta version of TotalView that includes additional support for Python mixed language debugging as well as a few other features

    For Python the new support include the ability...
  3. Announcing TotalView Evergreen Beta version 2017T.1.5

    We just released the new version of our Evergreen beta. It includes a number of new fixes.

    1) MemoryScape have a few bugs
    * Fix for loading Memory Debugging files with spaces in them
    * Fix for...
  4. Announcing TotalView Evergreen Beta version 2016T.07.10

    This is a pretty exciting beta version that includes new ARMv8 64 bit support, Support for the new UI running directly on the MAC, and new UI support for Fortran. We are very excited to have all of...
  5. Announcing the release of CodeDynamics version 2016.06

    We just released the latest version of CodeDynamics which includes support for changing your search path and whole host of of other enhancements.

    For more details please look at...
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    Announcing TotalView version 2016.06

    TotalView version 2016.06 is ready for release.

    This version includes new search path support for the new UI. It also includes support for the latest FlexLM server, which fixes a buffer overflow...
  7. Announcing the release of CodeDynamics version 2016.04

    We have just released CodeDynamics version 2016.04. We added support for seeing evaluation points and barrier points in the UI. We also have added support for calling functions from inside...
  8. Announcing the release of CodeDynamics version 2016.04

    The new release of CodeDynamics just came out. It include the ability to debug CUDA applications, the ability to see your evluation and barriers points in the new UI and more. Please take a look at...
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    Announcing TotalView version 2016.04

    We have just released TotalView version 2016.04. The main new functionality is support for MPI in the new UI. We also have added support for calling functions from inside evaluations while in...
  10. Announcing TotalView version 2016T.02.06 for Evergreen beta

    We just released a beta version of TotalView. We added the ability to call functions from the expression system while in recorded history. This enhances ReplayEngine and was something requested by...
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    Availability of CodeDynamics 2016.01

    Back in November 2015 we announced CodeDynamics as a new product that brings HPC debugging and dynamic analysis functionality to commercial accounts. Today we released the next version which includes...
  12. Announcing TotalView 2016.01 with early access to the new UI


    We just released TotalView for HPC 2016.01 and it includes the usual bug fixes as well as support for MAC OS X version 10.11 (El Capitan) but the big new feature is our early access support to...
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    Announcing TotalView version 8.15.10

    We are proud to announce TotalView version 8.15.10. It includes support for OpenPOWER Linux PowerLE, C++ 11 transformations and support for CUDA 7.5.

    the C++11 support is something that customers...
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    New Evergreen Beta release 8X.15.11-0

    This is a release on the current version 8.15.10 of TotalView. It fixes a few recently reported bugs. This includes a crash, issues with Fork support on Solaris 11 and incorrect data shown.

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    Announcing availability of CodeDynamics

    Announcing the availability of CodeDynamics
    We're pleased to make CodeDynamics available for general usage.*

    CodeDynamics is a new product based on the TotalView technology. It is targeting the...
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