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  1. change color for selected item for string list


    The default color of the selected item on a string list is blue. Is there a way to change it to black?

    Please advice thank you.
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    setting item in a matrix


    i am trying to set items into the IlvMatrix.
    the item i am trying to add is a string. for example "hello, welcome!".
    how can i go about using the set function?

    please advice thanks.
  3. Thank you for your reply. I am new in using the...

    Thank you for your reply. I am new in using the roguewave api. If you don't mind, is it alright to provide me with an example?

    I have got a method to get the string list object, how do i go about...
  4. using ilvbuttons to navigate ilvstringlist

    hello i am facing an issue, i am trying to use two buttons to navigate up and down the stringlist. from my understanding the selection of the item on the stringlist works only on mouse click. is it...
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