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    Stack overflow on legacy MSIMSL code

    I am trying to run the code from a 2006 economics paper that uses the now obsolete "use MSIMSL", which I have changed to "use numerical_libraries", to no avail. My hunch is that there is something...
  2. They only offered me the Red Hat versions, so I...

    They only offered me the Red Hat versions, so I went ahead and assumed that my problems were compatibility between that and Ubuntu. I'm not working off of a Windows 7 virtual machine, and it seems to...
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    Yes, I went back and installed Intel Parallel...

    Yes, I went back and installed Intel Parallel Studio 2017u2, and it worked.

    (although I now have a stack overflow problem, but this seems like a more common, well-defined, and Google-able problem...
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    mkl_lapack_ao_zgeqrf could not be located

    I'm (still) trying to validate, and after successfully compiling imslmp.f90, I get the following error when I try to run imslmp.exe as per the installation instructions:

    I'm running a Windows...
  5. Thanks, and understood. In the second...

    Thanks, and understood.

    In the second instance where I've switched over to Linux, I'm using the Intel Fortran Compiler, so I don't think it's an issue of compiler use. The Linux server runs...
  6. Trouble with validation/imslmp.f90 (last installation step)

    This is a fairly basic question on having trouble getting my compiler to work with the library—apologies for my ignorance.

    I've installed the IMSL fortran library first on a Windows 10 machine...
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