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  1. Re: [Peter-TotalView-Tech] attaching to a running deamon process

    Yes, the list of processes TotalView shows the user will be all processes with the same UID of the user running TotalView. However, if you are running as root, you can attach to processes with other...
  2. Re: [lhartzman] How to display a 1-d array as a 2-d array?

    Hi Les,

    You can do this by casting parr to a 2D array in the variable window. Dive on parr and edit the type field from parr[3]* to parr[3][4]*. Then dive on the value. To $visualize use:...
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    What is ReplayEngine?

    ReplayEngine is a TotalView add on product that allows a developer to start from the point of a failure and work backward in time to find the cause of the failure. This means that recreating the...
  4. Re: [eleffant9] How do I attach without stopping the process?

    This was a bug that was fixed in 8.4.1-4. You can get the latest version available (8.4.1-7) here:
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    Re: [eleffant9] Waiting for process to stop

    We did not hear further from strobins. Please do report this issue to so that it can be properly addressed.

  6. Re: [mhovers] Using TotalView, a X Windows application, on a remote machine

    Good question. The answer is that this FAQ does not apply to TotalView Individual because as you note it is restricts you to the display :0.0. This FAQ applies only if you have an Enterprise License,...
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    Re: [CorCornelisse] MPICH-2-MX - Attach to Proces

    Can you please report this to Please refer to this post when you do so. When we figure this out we will post the result.

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    Re: [CorCornelisse] MPICH-2-MX - Attach to Proces

    Did you see this post: Does it help?
  9. Customer Advisory for SUSE Linux on Itanium customers

    Totalview Technologies and Novell would like to advise all SUSE on
    Itanium 2 customers that a SUSE Linux kernel bug prevents all
    debuggers from working on Itanium 2 platforms using the latest SUSE...
  10. Re: [dbl] In some routines not all variables are visible.

    It is worth noting that in most cases TotalView does not support any debugging option besides '-g'. What this basically means is that we only test TotalView with target executable's that are built...
  11. Re: [lhartzman] Setting breakpoints in different processes

    What do you mean by "2nd process was not represented by its own proper name"? For a SIMD MPI job processes are named as <executable_name>.<mpi_rank_in_comm_world>. However, from what you described it...
  12. Re: [cth350] LD_PRELOAD for an object with undefined symbols (Solaris v9)

    The problem is that by exporting the LD_PRELOAD variable into your environment it causes all processes to pre-load the object file. In this case all that is wanted is the process created from...
  13. Re: [EdK] How to display common block contents using CLI

    It appears that 'dprint a' is showing you one word, as an unsigned integer, starting at the base address of the common block a. If you have halted your program in a location where the variable a is...
  14. Re: [Tom-TotalView-Tech] Why can't TotalView V8.0.2-0 find its installation directory?

    This problem was fixed in TVD version 8.1.0-0.
  15. Re: [Robbie] Question about starting MPICH debug session

    Excellent question.

    In order to attach to a running MPICH2 job there are three things that you must consider.

    1. You must use version MPICH2 version 1.0.5p4 or later.

    2. You must start use...
  16. Re: [Robbie] Question about starting MPICH debug session

    Hi Robbie,

    TotalView will always show you exactly where the process is. If the frame which the process is currently in does not have debug information (the compilation unit was not built with...
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    Re: [neerajrathi2] not able to run memescape script

    After looking into this issue for some time in technical support we were unable to reproduce or locate the cause of the problem. However, we were able to find a workaround to the issue. The...
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    Re: [Marco Alanen] pthread_cond_timedwait issues?

    I would suggest trying your small test case by running it at a shell prompt, using ^Z to suspend it which will throw a SIGTSTP signal at the process and then using the command fg command which will...
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    Re: [Marco Alanen] pthread_cond_timedwait issues?

    TotalView just like other debuggers use signals (SIGCONT,SIGSTOP) to do things like halt and continue target threads. Some system calls will return an error, errno=EINTR, should the thread be...
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    Re: [jherring] Flexlm Windows Server

    Hi James,

    Unfortunately we currently do not support Windows and since we only provide a vendor daemon for the platforms we support for TotalView and MemoryScape one is not available for Windows....
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    Re: [strobins] Waiting for process to stop


    Normally, you get the "Waiting for process to stop" dialog when you perform an interactive command in the debugger and it needs to wait for it to complete. For example, if you single step over...
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    Re: [briner] Array Dive Error

    This was a TotalView bug, 9715, which was fixed in TotalView 8.1.0-0.
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    Re: [bwilson] 8.2 source search path problem

    Let me see if I can help. TotalView 8.1 introduced a new Search Path mechanism. It is documented in the Help for the Search Path dialog, which you can find online here ...
  24. Re: [DavidSachs] Incompatibility with WRQ Reflection X version 14

    This problem was reported to TotalView Customer Support. The problem does not occur with WRQ Reflection X version 12 or 13. The easiest way to work around this issue is to use a different X server....
  25. Re: [jonathan] Problem with setting action point

    Hi Jonathan,

    I would recommend trying a newer version of TotalView. The latest available is 8.2.0-0. TotalView's expression system was completely re-written in TotalView 7.0 so it is likely that...
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