Yes. The first thing you need to do is to locate the memory block. Here are two ways:
  • [/url]From within many of the Memory Debugger's views, right-click on a block or block information, and select Properties from the context menu. This command directly brings up a Block Properties window.
  • [/url]From within a Variable Window, select the Tools > Block Properties command. Then, go to the Process Window and select the Tools > Memory Block Properties command.

[/url]The displayed window looks something like this (it may look different if you you've selected other blocks and depending upon the way you brought up the window):


You'll need to expand the top area. The easiest way to do that is by pressing the Hide Backtrace Information button.

[/url]You may have to press a "+" button to see information.[br]
At the bottom are two check boxes. If you select Notify when deallocated, the Memory Debugger will stop this process's execution and display a Memory Event Notification window when your program deallocates this memory block.