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Thread: Using the File > New Program Command

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    Using the File > New Program Command

    After you select the File > New Program command from either the Root or Process Window, TotalView displays itsFile > New Program dialog box:

    (If you type totalview from a shell prompt, TotalView automatically displays this dialog box.) While this may look a lot simpler than the dialog box it replaces, there's now a lot more power. Here's an overview:
    • The pulldown list on the left in this figure is displaying Start a new process. Other choices are: Attach to a new process and Open a core file.
    • The on host pulldown list shows the systems you're attached to and also allows you to add additional hosts. In addition to being able to start jobs on these systems, the list displayed when you select Attach to a new process shows the processes running on that system. (While you could do this in older versions, the way you did it was very obscure.)
    • We now remember programs you've debugged. Select one of these programs from the Program pulldown list. We also remember some of the attributes set for that program, so you don't have to do as much work getting started as you did in previous versions.
    • The Arguments and Standard I/O tabs let you specify the same information that you can still specify using the Process > Startup Parameters command. It's duplicated here as a convenience.
    • The new Parallel tab makes it easier to start MPI and poe programs.

    Josh Carlson

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    Re: [Josh-TotalView-Tech] Using the File > New Program Command

    There seem to be some missing images in the previous post.

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    Re: [jimdrake] Using the File > New Program Command


    There was a name change in the images. We hope to have that resolved by tomorrow. You can find the images if you right click to 'Copy Image Location' and try to open that location. You'll still get a 'not found' at this point, but if you edit the link and remove the '71' (or other release like numbers) on the name at the end of the url, it should work. For instance the new program window was something like


    I dropped the http front end, http :// so you might be able to see this in text mode. If you take out the 71 then you get to the correct image.

    Hope that helps.

    Pete Thompson
    TotalView Customer Services

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