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Thread: How do I use the Stack Frame Pane?

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    How do I use the Stack Frame Pane?

    The Stack Frame Pane shows all of the selected function's parameters, local variables, and registers.

    The Stack Frame Pane does not show global variables. If you want to see them, use the Tools > Program Variables command.

    You can change a variable or register's value if TotalView is displaying it in bold.

    You can show information about other functions on the stack by clicking on the function's name in the Stack Trace Pane.

    If you want to see more information for a variable, dive (double-click) on it. TotalView responds by displaying a Variable Window containing this information. Diving lets you see all of an array's values, the value pointed to by a pointer, and the elements of a struct.
    Josh Carlson

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    Re: [Josh-TotalView-Tech] How do I use the Stack Frame Pane?

    What do you do when all of the local variables are not shown in the pane? Why wouldn't they be shown?


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    Re: [lhartzman] How do I use the Stack Frame Pane?


    Off the top of my head, the most likely explanation is that you might be trying to debug code that was compiled with an optimization flag, as well as -g.. Optimization may eliminate some variables that are either not used, or which can be held in registers. Losing some local variables is a fairly common side effect.
    Pete Thompson
    TotalView Customer Services

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