The Action Points Tab shows all of your program's action points.

Column 1
The kind of action point
Column 2
TotalView's internally generated action point ID
Column 3
The file containing the source line.
Column 4
The action point's line number and function
If you left click on an enabled action point, you disable it�or vice versa. If your right click on an action point, TotalView displays this context menu. If you dive (double-click) on a line, TotalView scrolls the Source Pane so that it is displaying the line at which the action point was defined. This means that you can use breakpoints to quickly get you to places in your code. In other words, create disabled breakpoints at places you'll think you'll need to go. Diving on these "navigational" action points quickly takes you to where you want to be.

Before adding a lot of action points, make sure that you've set the TotalView preference that tells TotalView to automatically save and load action points.