When your compiler creates error messages, it usually displays a line number. While TotalView displays line numbers, there is no "Go to line number" command. Here are a couple hacks:

If you invoke the Action Point > At Location Command or, better, use its accelerator, which is Ctrl+B, TotalView displays a dialog box into which you can type a line number. You can now double-click on the action point that was just created and you'll be at that line.[br] [/url]
In many cases, you're going to the line because there's something interesting so you want a breakpoint there. However, if you don't want the breakpoint, but want to use it as a bookmark disable it by clicking on it in the Action Points pane.

Another hack is to use the Edit > Find command and use the line number as the search string. For example, suppose you're looking for line 100. Enter this number in the dialog box and then press the Find button. Before you do this, make sure you've selected something, anything in the Source Pane. This tells TotalView where to look.

This procedure does have problems. In this case, TotalView finds the number 100 anywhere in your program. It could be a constant in your program, or it could be line 1001 or 1100. You can make the search string a bit more precise by adding a space or two after the number.

(Adding a "Go to line" command is on our "to do" list. Unfortunately, this list is long.)