When TotalView loads you program, it reads in shared libraries that your program uses. These libraries contain loader and debugging symbols that TotalView needs. If you have a number of large libraries, you'll have to wait until they all get read and stored.

You can speed things up by entering library names within the Dynamic Libraries Page with the File > Preferences Dialog Box.

This is a new TotalView feature that was added at Version 6.3.

As shown in the pulldown list, you can tell TotalView to load all symbols, load no symbols, or just load loader symbols. In most cases, what you'll want to do is tell TotalView to just load loader symbols.

Rather than name each library explicitly, you can use a wild card. For example:


If you type this into the Load loader symbols list, TotalView will just read in loader symbols for any library contained within this subdirectory that your program uses.

TotalView may eventually read in debugging symbols for these libraries. If your program stops executing when the PC is within a library's code, TotalView will read its debugging symbols.

For more information, see "Controlling Which Symbols TotalView Reads" in the TotalView Users Guide.