TotalView was originally designed as a multi-processor, multi-thread debugger and has always considered the problem of asynchronous control. One such decision is what to do when a single thread or process hits a breakpoint and the other threads are still running. If you start to examine this thread and then another thread hits a different breakpoint, it would be distracting to have the focus now center on the new thread and lose the context of the one you were looking at. So TotalView's default behavior is to maintain focus on a particular process/thread until directed to a different one.

But we find most people do not expect this behavior and consider it a bug. So we provide a means to focus on the thread or process in question. From the menu bar go to File->Preferences and pick the Action point tab. In this window, enable

"Open process window at breakpoint."

With this in place, the thread/process that hits the breakpoint first will become the focused thread.