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Thread: How do I set up my program for memory debugging?

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    How do I set up my program for memory debugging?

    Simply add -g to the command you use to compile your program.

    MemoryScape is non-invasive, which means it doesn't add code to your program. More importantly, you do not have to add calls to memory functions within your code.
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    Re: [Barry-TotalView-Tech] How do I set up my program for memory debugging?

    Dear Totalview Support Team

    we have memscape 3.0 and we have an mpi program and this might have a memory leak , which is making the program crashes . the problem is that the memory use seems to jump with the number of mpi tasks . So the problem is evident with 1024 or more cores, Our Machine is a large SGI Altix/4700 with large partitions that work in share memory , so some times if the scheduler (PBS) puts the problematic task into a big chunk the program runs.

    What would be the best way to debug. , First I would like to know how to lunch a mpi job and if there is special thing to set up in batch mode. Of course we dont have 1000 + cores for interactive use. It is possible to use memscript in such a way we can get traces of information and filter /order/sort , the tasks that in a particular time was uses much/less memory and to see the evolution of memory use of a particular task. Or maybe to aggregate and consolidate data with leak detection .


    Orlando Rivera

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