TotalView Technologies now* distributes the complete license.src file for each flexlm license server that we have on record. This file is used as the input to the TotalView Technologies provided Configure_License script to generate a new license.dat file. The license.dat file is the primary license key file used directly by the flexlm license server.

The default location of the Configure_License script is <InstallDirBase>/toolworks/flexlm-10.8.0-3/bin/Configure_License
The default location of the 'toolworks_lmreread' script is <InstallDirBase>/toolworks/flexlm-10.8.0-3/bin/toolworks_lmreread

*Previously, TotalView Technologies , formally Etnus would distribute individual license keys via email, and require the user to directly edit their license.dat file or create a new license.src file which would then become the input for the Configure_License script.

Note: It is suggested that you make a temporary backup of your existing ${FLEXLM}/license.dat file, until your new license installation has been completed.

NOTE: the FLEXlm hostid is unique for each license server regardless of hostname and IP address changes.



STEP 1: Install the FLEXlm v10.8.0-3 license management software

The first step is to install the FLEXlm v10.8.0-3 license management
software required by TotalView on the machine you have selected as
your license server. FLEXlm is included in the TotalView
distribution and installed by TotalView's installation script or is
contained within the application bundle for Mac OS X. You may
download the latest version of TotalView from:

Read the README file included in each distribution for more
information about installing TotalView and FLEXlm v10.8.0-3.


STEP 2: Locate the "flexlm-10.8.0-3" directory on the license server

Locate the directory named "flexlm-10.8.0-3" on the license server that
was installed in STEP 1. This directory should be located in the
directory "<INSTALL PATH>/toolworks". For the Mac application bundle
where "<INSTALL PATH>" is typically "/Applications".
Otherwise, the default values for "<INSTALL PATH>" are "/usr" and
"/opt" depending on your platform.

Set the environment variable FLEXLM to
"<INSTALL PATH>/toolworks/flexlm-10.8.0-3".

For example:

% setenv FLEXLM /usr/toolworks/flexlm-10.8.0-3

NOTE: The FLEXLM environment variable is only required for this
installation process and not by the license management daemons.


STEP 3: Delete the previous license.dat file which is no longer valid.

If you received a new license.src file due to a maintenance renewal -OR-
a server-move of an existing license key(s) -OR- you traded in existing
license key(s), the affected license file is no longer valid and must
be removed to be in compliance with the TotalView Technologies Permanent License


STEP 4: Generate your new TotalView license.dat file.

This step describes how to create the license.dat file used
by the license manager.

TotalView Technologies provides a script named "Configure_License" (in the directory
${FLEXLM}/bin) that creates the "license.dat" file, license
management scripts, and other configuration files.
"Configure_License" requires an input file named "license.src"
containing the license key(s) provided by TotalView Technologies. The contents of
"license.src" were delivered in an email (both in-line and as an
attachment). Save a copy of license.src in the flexlm-10.8.0-3

1. Change directory to flexlm-10.8.0-3 on the license server
   % cd ${FLEXLM}
2. Copy and paste the new TotalView Technologies license.src delivered in
this email message into a file named license.src in the
flexlm-10.8.0-3 directory.

A license.src with multiple TotalView license keys may look like
% cat ${FLEXLM}/license.src         
## BEGIN ETNUS TOTALVIEW KEY -- fce5d358321b3f7538a2e5d5cd908ae4        
## HOSTID=0001032e23ae        
INCREMENT TotalView_Enterprise toolworks 2007.0101 1-jan-2007 2 \        
    VENDOR_STRING="processors=32 platform=linux-x86" \        
    ISSUED=4-aug-2006 SN=fce5d358321b3f7538a2e5d5cd908ae4 \        
    START=3-aug-2006 SIGN=XXXXXXXXXXXX        
## END ETNUS TOTALVIEW KEY -- fce5d358321b3f7538a2e5d5cd908ae4        
## BEGIN ETNUS TOTALVIEW KEY -- 679015ff8e036666c58d083885aa0e36        
## HOSTID=0001032e23ae        
INCREMENT TotalView_Enterprise toolworks 2007.0101 1-jun-2007 4 \        
    VENDOR_STRING="processors=16 platform=aix-power" \        
    ISSUED=4-aug-2006 SN=679015ff8e036666c58d083885aa0e36 \        
    START=3-aug-2006 SIGN=XXXXXXXXXXXX        
## END ETNUS TOTALVIEW KEY -- 679015ff8e036666c58d083885aa0e36
NOTE: the text in your license.src will vary depending on your
host information, number of license keys, and license

3. As the root user (if needed) on the license server, run the script
"./bin/Configure_License" from the flexlm-10.8.0-3 directory.
The script will create the following files:

* ${FLEXLM}/license.dat
* ${FLEXLM}/license.opt
* ${FLEXLM}/license.client
* ${FLEXLM}/license.log
* ${FLEXLM}/bin/toolworks_init

STEP 5: Start the license server

Run the following command as root to start the license server. If you
configured your license server to run as a non-privileged user, the
initialization script will ensure that the license management daemons are
started and run under the non-privileged user even if you run the script as

 ${FLEXLM}/bin/toolworks_init start        
 sudo ${FLEXLM}/bin/toolworks_init start
To stop the license manager, use the following command as root.

 ${FLEXLM}/bin/toolworks_init stop        
 sudo ${FLEXLM}/bin/toolworks_init stop
If you would like the license manager to automatically start each time the
system is booted, run the following script as root.

 sudo ${FLEXLM}/bin/Configure_Autostart

STEP 6: Configure TotalView to use the license server

TotalView must be able to find the ${FLEXLM}/license.dat file in order to
connect to the license server and checkout licenses for TotalView. If you
plan to run TotalView on the active license server, no additional
configuration should be needed.

If TotalView and the license manager are not running on the same machine,
you will need to have a ${FLEXLM}/license.dat file for each additional
installation. Copy the file ${FLEXLM}/license.client from the license
server into the flexlm-10.8.0-3 directory on each remote machine and rename
the file license.dat.

Alternatively, you may configure your LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable
to point to the client-style license.dat file (specify the full path to the file).

A client-style license.dat has the following form: