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Thread: not able to run memescape script

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    not able to run memescape script

    I am working on sun FIRE T200 machine with solaris10 installed on it.
    I am not able to run memscape script. I used terminal emulator and no output on that.
    I dont think machine is hanging because cursor is still blinking.

    Here are steps I followed during installation.
    • I am using sun fire T200 server with Solaris10 Installed on it.
    • I downloaded memoryscape.2.0.0-0-sun5.tar and memoryscape.2.0.0-0-doc.tar to my local folder.
    • I don’t have root password so I extracted both files to memorycape folder in home directory.
    • Then in memoryscape.2.0.0-0 folder I give command :./Install And Installed all component.
    • I copied my license.demo file to flexlm-10.8.0-3 directory.
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      I tried changing LM_LICENSE_FILE variable to point to license.demo file and also set PATH variable but still same problem persists.


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    Re: [neerajrathi2] not able to run memescape script

    It looks like this one is a bit old and was never answered. Sorry, but this is a question that would have benefited by sending the question to We're not always looking in here as time doesn't always give us the time to do so.

    That said, is this still a problem? Can you tell me what the output of memscape is when you try to run it at the console?

    Pete Thompson
    TotalView Customer Services

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    Re: [Peter-TotalView-Tech] not able to run memescape script

    Thanks for replying.
    I reported this problem to totalviewsupport team. I provided them screenshot my xwindow. They ask me to run strace command but I dont have read permission to /dev/log file and thats where we are stuck.

    Actually when I run memsacpe through console I dont get any output thats the problem. I reinstalled it 3 times but still same problem. I dont think machine gets hanged because cursor still blinks.

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    Re: [neerajrathi2] not able to run memescape script

    After looking into this issue for some time in technical support we were unable to reproduce or locate the cause of the problem. However, we were able to find a workaround to the issue. The workaround is to invoke the memoryscape binary directly by executing:

    <install_root>/toolworks/memoryscape.<version>/../totalview.<relative_tvd_version>/<arch>/bin/memscapemain -root <install_root>/toolworks/totalview.<relative_tvd_version>
    Where <install_root> is the directory you installed in. <version> is the MemoryScape version you installed, <relative_tvd_version> is the version of the TotalView Debugger that was installed when you installed MemoryScape <version>, and <arch> is the architecture that you are attempting to run MemoryScape on.
    Josh Carlson

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    Re: [Josh-TotalView-Tech] not able to run memescape script

    I have the same problem with memscape.
    I can' t run it even I had a license demo.
    What can I do please?

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    Re: [nesrine] not able to run memescape script

    There are TotalView demo licenses and MemoryScape demo licenses and they are separate. If you do have a memoryscape demo license, and still can't run it, let us know.
    Pete Thompson
    TotalView Customer Services

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