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Thread: Problem with setting action point

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    Problem with setting action point


    I am having difficulty setting an evaluate condition with Totalview. My application is a multi-process / multi-threaded, mixed language (C, C++ and Fortran) application. It forks several child processes, each which loads its own .so. and launches 20 threads.

    At this point, within one of the child processes, I set a breakpoint and continue. The breakpoint is hit. I then attempt modify the action point with an eval expression (i.e. add an expression under the Action Point Properties dialog). No matter the expression, I always get the error "Failed, setting property: expression {c:<myexpression>} where <myexpression> is the code fragment I attempt to use.

    Some expressions that fail (the code is C++):
    if ($tid > 10) $stop;
    $count 100
    if (uiBitData > 0) $stop;
    printf("Hello %d %d", $pid, $tid);

    Setting similar action points in the parent thread (in both C++ and Fortran code) works fine. Also, unconditional breakpoints work fine.

    I am using TotalView 6.6.0-0 on a ia64/RedHat Linux platform with Intel v8.1 C/C++/Fortran compilers

    I suspect its something about loading a shared lib in a child process but I don't really know. I apologize if this post is a dup -- didn't find anything searching the help or this forum...anyone got any ideas?

    Thanks for any help,

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    Re: [jonathan] Problem with setting action point

    Hi Jonathan,

    I would recommend trying a newer version of TotalView. The latest available is 8.2.0-0. TotalView's expression system was completely re-written in TotalView 7.0 so it is likely that whatever the problem is has been corrected. Another reason you should upgrade is that TotalView did not support evaluation points that could be hit by more than one thread in a MT application until version 7.3.

    I hope this helps. If you continue to have a problem using the latest version of TotalView I would recommend contacting technical support by email
    Josh Carlson

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