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Thread: How to display common block contents using CLI

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    How to display common block contents using CLI

    I have a common block declared like this:
    COMMON /a/ a

    I think I must be seeing the address of the common block instead of the contents of the variable when I say
    dprint a

    How can I reference the variable 'a' inside common block 'a' to see its value with dprint? Thanks.

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    Re: [EdK] How to display common block contents using CLI

    It appears that 'dprint a' is showing you one word, as an unsigned integer, starting at the base address of the common block a. If you have halted your program in a location where the variable a is in scope, I believe this to be a bug. Looking up, 'a', should find the variable not the common block.

    That being said you should be able to workaround this by using 'dprint a#a' which will print the value of 'a' scoped within '/a/'.

    The other thing that is worth mentioning is that if you are using the GUI, totalview, instead of the CLI, totalviewcli, you can 'dive' on a common block to display all the variables in the common block, or dive on individual variables to display their values.

    I hope this helps.
    Josh Carlson

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