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Thread: Sending a signal in totalview

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    Sending a signal in totalview

    I am having problems sending a signal using total view. My application has a signal handler and on ctrl-C it shuts down my application. I am however trying to debug a problem on shutdown. When I startup my application using total view I halt the process and select the thread->Continuation Signal. I then select SIGTERM (I have tried others as well) and then I hit the continue button, but I never send the signal. Totalview just tells me process is running and SIGTERM is pending. Why won't it send the SIGTERM signal?


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    Re: [wnewman] Sending a signal in totalview

    I attempted to duplicate your issue here. I created a simple signal handler that indicates when a signal is received. I then just loop and wait for signals. I sent a SIGTERM (15) from another shell. I did this both with and without tvd. I displayed a message with the signal number and then stopped at the breakpoint

    I needed to set "File -> Signals" to "Resend" for SIGTERM (15).
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