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Thread: MdiAdv sample VS2008 bug

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    MdiAdv sample VS2008 bug

    In VS2008, the MdiAdv sample (under Samples\Toolkit\MFC\Docking\MenuBar) has a problem where the MDI windows do not show up in the Window menu. I think the problem is related to a recent change to GetMenu() in MFC where it is now declared as a virtual function. So, in SECMDIFrameWnd::UpdateWindowMenu() calls SECMDIFrameWnd::GetMenu() instead of CWnd::GetMenu(). This prevents WM_MDISETMENU from being called.

    The current workaround is to override UpdateWindowMenu() in MainFrame.cpp with the following change:

    if(AfxGetMainWnd()->GetMenu() == NULL)

    CMenu *pMenu = AfxGetMainWnd()->CWnd::GetMenu();
    if(pMenu == NULL)

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    Re: MdiAdv sample VS2008 bug

    Thank you for sharing your insights with us, ttnakada!
    Rogue Wave Stingray developers will review this override.

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