Totalview Technologies and Novell would like to advise all SUSE on
Itanium 2 customers that a SUSE Linux kernel bug prevents all
debuggers from working on Itanium 2 platforms using the latest SUSE
Linux kernel, which is version The affected SUSE
product is SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP1.

This problem appears in the kernel version associated with the SUSE
Security Announcement on 12/04/07 that is posted here:

If you update your Itanium 2 system to this kernel, you will not be
able to use any source code debugger on the system. This bug is
believed to only affect the Itanium 2 platform.

The problem occurs when the user tries to execute a program under the
debugger's control and the application exits fatally; for example, under
the Totalview Debugger control, you will see the following message

ERROR: Target crashed during exec when trying to get dynamic
library list

In all cases, launching the application has failed to run under
debugger control.

We encourage you to discuss this problem with Novell Technical
Support. Novell has issued a preliminary PTF for the issue. If a
customer would like to gain access to this PTF prior to a service
release they should contact Novell Technical Support.

Please contact Novell Technical Support
( or TotalView Technical Support
( if there are any questions.