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Thread: An issue with the viewing of content of stl::map

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    An issue with the viewing of content of stl::map

    Hello everybody,

    When I was using TotalView I was able to dive objects containing stl::map members, open those maps and dive into value of some element of the stl map. Now I've been trying to use TotalView and it does a lot for stl: open maps and show content but doesn't allow to dive. For example a value of some element of a map is a pointer to some structure. I double click on pointer to take a look at the strcture but debugger writes "Dive failed. Element address invalid" instead. The thing is that I observe the same message even in case when I just double click on some map element. It was very useful feature for stl debugging so I miss it a lot!

    Does some one have the same problem? How can I resolve it?

    Thanks a lot,

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    Re: [Erex] An issue with the viewing of content of stl::map

    Hello Andrey,

    The problem you describe sounds like a bug, either in the compiler or TotalView itself. If you still have the older TotalView available, and it is still able to dive on the pointer, then it would definitely suggest the problem is in TotalView. If you have a small test case you can provide we would be glad to take a look at it. I would suggest sending it to

    rather than just posting it here. We have goals of trying to respond in a timely fashion to issues submitted to support. We can't guarantee that attention here in the forums, though we do try to make some effort to look in now and again.

    Pete Thompson
    TotalView Customer Services

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