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Thread: Cannot get license for Totalview Express student edition

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    Cannot get license for Totalview Express student edition

    I am trying to install Totalview Express Student edition. I got the Entitlement Code via email. During install, after entering the code, the GUI produces the following error:

    Unfortunately, the following communication problem prevented access to the TotalView Technologies Server.
    You may also use the TotalView Technologies customer portal at to redeem your entitlement codes for licenses.
    Error: Host not found

    and in the console I see :
    Verifying archive integrity... All good.
    Uncompressing TotalViewInstaller......
    Host PLATFORM = linux-x86-64
    Looking for installer tarfile ./workbench_installer.1.5.0-2-linux-x86-64.tar
    Expanding ./workbench_installer.1.5.0-2-linux-x86-64.tar ...
    ... done
    checking tarfile: ./totalview.8.6.2-2-linux-x86-64.tar
    Expanding ./totalview.8.6.2-2-linux-x86-64.tar ...
    ... done
    QtSSLSoapHttpTransport::readResponse() error: Host not found

    I tried to go to Customer Portal but it asked me to login with username/password, which I don't know.

    How do I resolve this problem ?


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    Re: [reubendb] Cannot get license for Totalview Express student edition

    If the software installed correctly, but you are missing the connection to TotalView, please do the following

    find the toolworks directory and cd to


    run the command


    Send an email with the results, which should look like this:

    The host name for this machine is: archie
    The host ID for this machine is: 001372fab9b8

    and a description of this problem, to

    and we can pass it on to the right person to get you a license.

    Pete Thompson
    TotalView Customer Services

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