I launch my app and let it load up all the data. The memory usage from the chart and the graphical display of the heap seem to agree the heap is ~225M, if I add the allocated + deallocated amounts from the graphical report. I don't have any hording turned on, no red zones, no filters, etc.

So then I let it run for a bit. There are ~12 pthreads, that should each have a 1M stack each, so I understand there's probably 12M of stack not accounted for in the graphical heap window. But if I let my app run for awhile, freeze it and take another look at the memory, the chart now reports 309M, and the graphical heap reports 116M allocated and 88M deallocated, for a total of ~204M.

This is a 100M difference from what the pie chart report says. So.. where did this 100M of memory go? It can't all be thread stack space??? I can't poke through it in the graphical heap browser if it's not showing up in there. How can I find out whats accountable for this memory?

I can't figure out how to make these images show up inline, so they are just attached.