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Thread: remote cross debugging on PowerPC 85xx/Montavista Linux 32bits

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    remote cross debugging on PowerPC 85xx/Montavista Linux 32bits


    Could you help me ?.

    We would like to use Totalview 8.7 or higher running on a RHE 4 or 5/x86 workstation in order to cross debug on an embedded Power PC 85xx board on which is installed a 32 bits Montavista Linux.

    Related to this I have several questions :
    • Is it possible to use Totalview in such a configuration ?. Maybe, since TTV 8.7, it's possible.
    • We have installed Totalview Enterprise Linux/x86 : is it sufficient to enable cross-debugging on PPC Linux platform ?.
    • If yes, how can we customize Totalview environment to realize it ?. What are the main tips ?. ...
    • Is there something to install on the target (for example : a power pc linux daemon) ?.
    • What kind of licenses are necessary to set this debug environment ?. Do we need both licenses for x86 and Power PC ?. How many cores are needed : workstation is bi-processor and the embedded target is mono-processor ?.

    Thank you in advance,



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    Re: [Patrick] remote cross debugging on PowerPC 85xx/Montavista Linux 32bits


    Have you contacted support (my organization) about this yet? I know I've seen this question pass through, but don't recall who the user was.

    In short, yes this is possible. You would need the linux-x86 TotalView on the on the x86 box, and Linux Power on the Montavista board. A subset is possible on the Montavista if space is at a premium. Mainly the tvdsvr and maybe tvdbootstrap files. However ALL of the associated files are needed, in bin and linux-power/bin as there are scripts and links and real executables, and I wouldn't want to delete one and cause the chain to break.
    You would need a license for both the x86 box (2 processor Enterprise license, or at least one token for a Team license) and another for the Linux Power (1 processor, or 1 team token)

    I could go into more detail, but I don't want to duplicate the effort if you've already figured this out.

    Pete Thompson
    TotalView Customer Services

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