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Thread: Setting the background color in 8.7

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    Setting the background color in 8.7


    is there any possibility to change the background color of the main source code window?
    The command line X option -bg color does no longer work.

    It would be sufficient to know the correct X resource to be used with -xrm

    Something like:
    -xrm '*background: red'
    changes only some of the background.

    We are using
    Linux x86_64 TotalView 8.7.0-4


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    Re: [hdankowski] Setting the background color in 8.7

    Gee, I guess I haven't been here in a while.

    Sorry, but the ability to change the colors in TotalView was lost long ago, when we started mixing the GUI software. Part of it is Motif, part Qt, and part some old package known as CornerStone. It was the mixing of Qt and Motif that broke the ability to change simple colors. It would require a re-write to gain that back.

    Pete Thompson
    TotalView Customer Services

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    Okay, I've stated in the past that we lost the quick ability to modify TotalView background colors. However, a user has a script that they are willing to share that goes into some of the deeper background of the screen and manages to set the color for TotalView, and then destroys that as the application exits. So, for your edification, the script, colortv:


    # Usage:
    # colortv <background color> <totalview command> [<totalview arg>]...

    if [ $# -lt 2 ]
    echo ""
    echo "Usage: colortv background_color totalview_command [totalview_arg]..."
    echo ""
    echo "Example: colortv 'alice blue' totalview my_prog -a my_prog_args"
    echo ""
    echo ""
    echo "Here are some colors that may be available on your desktop:"
    echo ""
    echo " R+G+B background_color"
    echo " ----- ----------------"
    echo " 735 white smoke 728 old lace 750 ivory"
    echo " 711 gray93 707 papaya whip 723 cornsilk"
    echo " 660 gainsboro 695 blanched almond 710 beige"
    echo " 633 light gray 664 moccasin"
    echo " 646 wheat"
    echo " 621 burlywood1"
    echo ""
    echo " 734 light yellow 745 floral white"
    echo " 710 light goldenrod yellow 720 linen"
    echo " 710 lemon chiffon 700 antique white"
    echo " 644 khaki1 679 bisque"
    echo " 658 peach puff"
    echo ""
    echo " 750 mint cream 750 azure"
    echo " 735 honeydew 734 light cyan"
    echo " 641 DarkSeaGreen1 652 CadetBlue1"
    echo " 651 pale turquoise"
    echo ""
    echo " 743 alice blue 751 ghost white 735 thistle1"
    echo " 685 LightBlue1 710 lavender"
    echo " 679 SlateGray1"
    echo " 657 LightSkyBlue1"
    echo ""
    echo " 740 lavender blush"
    echo " 708 misty rose"
    echo " 650 pink"
    echo " 641 RosyBrown1"
    echo ""
    echo "Choose one of the above colors, or run showrgb on your desktop"
    echo "(or kcolorchooser on your Linux KDE desktop) to choose another"
    echo "available color for TotalView's background."
    echo ""
    echo "Specify a color by name, not by number (relative brightness)."
    echo ""
    echo "Or specify a color by RGB hexadecimal string: '#ffaadd'"
    echo ""
    exit 1


    mkdir -p ${ad_dir}
    touch ${Tv}
    echo ".Totalview*XmClipWindow*background: ${tvbg_color}" >> ${Tv}
    echo ".Totalview*XmDrawingArea.background: ${tvbg_color}" >> ${Tv}
    echo ".Totalview*XmLGrid.blankBackground: ${tvbg_color}" >> ${Tv}
    echo ".Totalview*XmLGrid.cellBackground: ${tvbg_color}" >> ${Tv}
    echo ".Totalview*XmList.background: ${tvbg_color}" >> ${Tv}
    echo ".Totalview*XmLTree.blankBackground: ${tvbg_color}" >> ${Tv}
    echo ".Totalview*XmLTree.cellBackground: ${tvbg_color}" >> ${Tv}
    echo ".Totalview*XmText.background: ${tvbg_color}" >> ${Tv}
    echo ".Totalview*XmTextField.background: ${tvbg_color}" >> ${Tv}

    env XAPPLRESDIR=${ad_dir} \
    ${thistv} -e 'global env; exec rm -f -r $env(XAPPLRESDIR)' "$@"

    rm -f -r ${ad_dir}

    Pete Thompson
    TotalView Customer Services

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